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Intela Promotes Moneyball Bingo at Bingo Summit 2010

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Intela Promotes Moneyball Bingo at Bingo Summit 2010

Friday, June 4th, 2010

The Bingo Summit 2010 will be taking place at Victoria London 8 – 9 June. CEO, Jim Mansfield, UK Sales Director, Luke Pursey and Head of Partnerships, Diana Herriott will be in attendance and welcome the opportunity to meet with anyone who is interested in learning more about our bingo portal, Moneyball Bingo.

Since it’s launch in late January, 2010, Moneyball Bingo has already developed a loyal base of more than 30,000 active members.

As a leader in performance marketing, Intela knows what it takes to make a site work, and Moneyball is no exception.  By positioning Moneyball as a portal for consumers to visit to learn more about elite promotions and the best bingo sites on the web, we have created a very useful marketing site for our Bingo clients to use in acquiring new members.

We are pleased to announce the pending release of our blog, member forum and personalized reviews this month; coupled with our already successful editorial calendar which is currently available via our newsletters and will be launched on our site this month as well.

By electing to offer premier bingo sites and keeping our site easy to navigate, our members experience a user-friendly portal which allows them access to unique promotions and benefits unmatched by our competitors.

We are confident the already existing benefits along with the upcoming new releases will yield even greater returns for our many bingo clients.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting to learn more about how Intela and Moneyball Bingo can help your member acquisition goals!

Intela’s Martin Ebongue Published on IAB

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Intela is excited to announce our European Email Delivery Manager, Martin Ebongue, who regularly writes for our blog, has been published on the IAB UK site! He’s brought much insight to our team and we’re thrilled to have him on board. Check out his article!

A4U Expo Europe a Big Hit for Intela

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Many thanks to all those who helped make the A4U Expo Europe in Munich last week such a success. The Expo brings together the main affiliate marketing specialists from across Europe and the USA. It was an excellent opportunity for our team to demonstrate Intela’s latest thoughts and strategies as well as sharing ideas on trends and opportunities with the rest of the community. A number of potential business opportunities were generated having met a number of new clients and various industry operators.

Jim Mansfield, Intela’s CEO, presented on a speaker panel with James Little of Affiliate Future on the second day of the event. The topic of discussion was Effective European Performance Based Marketing for Affiliates. The panel covered a number of pressing issues, including email marketing for affiliates the benefits of segmentation and methods of testing to gauge performance.

Check out some pictures from the presentation and the rest of the event.

Boulder Featured in the NYT as High Tech Hotbed

Friday, May 14th, 2010

A good piece on Boulder was published in the New York Times today. While Intela is focused in the UK and Europe, we were founded in Boulder a little over four years ago and all our technology and 40 of our employees are still in Boulder.  Also following a $7.25 million investment, we are further expanding our technology team in Boulder and our sales team in London.

In the four years Intela has been based in Boulder, we have witnessed Boulder become a hotbed for technology companies and we have benefited in finding talented engineers and analysts that have built our lead and email platforms that make us industry leaders for both.

We are always looking for top engineers and technology people to work at our office on Pearl Street. If you are interested, please email us at

An Overdue Introduction

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Although it’s only been a month, Intela’s newest US sales team addition is fitting in like he’s been here for years.

Josh Krogh hails from the lovely state of Montana. Most of his youth was spent behind a piano and on the basketball court, which lead him west to sit the bench for the Pacific Lutheran University basketball team in Tacoma, WA. After realizing his future did not include wearing Lakers purple, he thought riding the mountains in Colorado would be a better fit.

Josh has spent the last three years honing his affiliate manager skills in the internet marketing industry while spending his weekends shredding the Rockies.

He is addicted to keeping a clean shoe game, does a mean Michael Jackson impersonation, favorite yoga position is Savasana, and can be found not coming to a complete stop on his scooter.

(Josh also apparently refers to himself in the third person because he wrote the majority of this — verbatim.)

Intela Turns Four!

Friday, February 5th, 2010

On February 2, 2006, Jim Mansfield signed the official papers incorporating Intela. Soon after, Paul Mansfield, Jennifer Mansfield and Ryan Wilson officially joined Jim in his new venture. They all had the aspiration to build a successful business but none of them knew it would happen with such impact and so quickly.

What Jim started as an email company in Boulder, Colorado has grown to become a leading international agency specializing in customer acquisition through email marketing, lead generation and a global affiliate network. By the end of 2006, Intela had only 11 employees and occupied part of a small suite in a two-suite office building.

As the years have progressed, Intela has opened an office in the UK, opened for business in Australia, France and Spain, and currently employs 47 people in the U.S. and Europe.

With the recent acquisition of $7.25 million to grow the business to new heights, there are no limits on Intela’s potential for the future. They will continue to expand throughout Europe and explore all other possibilities.

Welcome to Intela, Martin!

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

My name is Martin and I joined Intela in November as the Email Delivery Manager. Prior to Intela, I used to work for the main cable ISP in France, for the world leader in B2B email filtering systems (in the UK, Australia and France), and more recently for the largest American ESP.

I have travelled a bit during my life and this has allowed me to speak four languages fluently:  French, my mother language, Italian because I grew up in Rome, English and German where I spent some time as an exchange student.

It is a pleasure for me to join such a fast growing company, and a great opportunity to learn different aspects of marketing and email; mainly lead generation and social networking.

My colleagues, from every single department, have been very helpful and welcoming which has helped me feel very comfortable at Intela already. I am currently in the Boulder office to meet the team and looking forward to meeting the UK team later this year.

By: Martin Ebongue, European Email Delivery Manager

Welcome to Intela, Rita!

Friday, November 6th, 2009

My name is Rita and I have recently moved to London to join the Intela European team as an account manager. This is my first job and my experience so far has been extremely enjoyable!

First of all, I have been learning a lot about the online marketing industry, particularly the three main activities of Intela: lead generation, e-mail marketing and affiliate marketing. The whole market is growing rapidly and it’s great to be involved in such a dynamic, vibrant company.

The team has been very welcoming and each team member has explained their daily activities and how they function within the company.

This has helped me to get a better overview of my future tasks and also to understand how I will be able to make my own contribution.

All this in a very recently acquired office right in the middle of the buzz in one of the most vibrant crossroads in London: Oxford Circus.  I have visited London a few times previously but it’s great to be living and working in the heart of it!

By: Rita Costa, International Account Manager

A Beautiful Phone Filter: Raising the Quality of Your Data Through Filters and Validation

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Remember the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’ where Russell Crowe plays Nobel Prize winning economist John Nash? In one particular scene, Nash is inspired to develop his concept for Game Theory and has to prove his theory in a mathematical equation.  There is a lengthy montage of pictures of him staring pensively, contemplating,  writing, erasing, and rewriting math equations,  and finally culminates with the completion of  Nash’s masterpiece: “Equilibrium points in n-person games”, the foundation of Game Theory. For the past two weeks, our Lead Gen Team has been having their own inspired brain storm session and their mission is to build the best possible UK phone validation filter possible. I’m happy to report that they have done it by creating a more robust phone filter that has improved our data quality nearly thirty percent!

Our original filter requirements worked on simple validation rules based on UK phone structures, 01/02 for landlines, 07 for mobile numbers, as well as several other requirements. This simple filter is commonly used by lead generation companies in the UK.  We felt that this filter was not good enough for us or our advertisers. The filter was too easy to game. We felt that we could do better.  Our concept was to improve the phone validation process by cross-referencing Ofcom database for valid numbers as well as build a filter that ties UK landline numbers to geographic areas based on postcodes.

The initial results are very promising. From a list of 2000 UK numbers, we were able to catch 564 invalid numbers, an increase of 28% over the common phone filters used by other companies. We were able to achieve the same gains with mobile numbers as well.

Current validation on all of our lead generation products now feature this phone filter as well as a Royal Mail address lookup. We are committed to delivering quality leads for our advertisers and will continue to strive to achieve this goal.

If you are an advertiser or lead gen company that is in need of better validation, please feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to consult with you and collaborate to improve lead quality.

For fun here is a snapshot of our brainstorm session, definitely not a beautiful equation, but did turn into a pretty good phone filter.

By: Nick Haggerty, Brand Marketing Manager

European Email Compliancy

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Being aware of email compliancy laws across Europe has become increasingly important after (relatively) recently opening our office   in London.  I attended a MAAWG (Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group) conference in Amsterdam where I gained insight on some of the rules and regulations that are different in countries across Europe. Here are some  highlights of a few things I learned which were particularly surprising and differ from the CANSPAM regulations we know so well:

France & Germany:

- it’s necessary to have a complete conclusion of a contract (for example, a purchase made) in order to use the record

-content of the commercial email must be related to the product or service from which the recipient originally signed up


-affirmative consent required

-use of address for marketing purposes is limited to 10 messages per month

-no physical address needed

-privacy link or privacy policy must be included in email

-opt in required for transfer party (i.e referring a friend)


-double opt in required

-proof of opt in doesn’t have to be stored

-physical address needed

- must send with an imprint (who you are, where you’re registered, contact details)

This is not by any means a complete list, rather an example of why, when mailing in other countries, you should take care to know about the varying rules and regulations. In most cases, European countries have more restrictive laws than in the US and they’re important to understand.  The law that is applicable is the law in the country of the recipient, not the sender.

By: Nela Collins, Email Analyst